About us
Home cooks are our heroes, simple as that. BERTIIES BUTCHER is a community created by and for cooking professionals: chefs who cook the perfect beef bourguignon on the weekends, but who also love the simplicity of the slow cooker. The baker makes beautiful 9-tier cakes, but also happily packs macaroons for a hearty weekend dessert. Entertainers just want a healthy snack, not piles of dirty dishes at the end of the night.
Best of all, BERTIIES BUTCHER connects home cooks with their biggest inspirations: other home cooks. We are the world’s leading digital food brand and that inspires us to do everything we can to keep our community connected. Sixty million home cooks deservedly so.

Every day chefs from all over the world post recipes and inspire each other with photos, ratings, reviews and recipe videos. Combining the BERTIIES BUTCHER community with our team of editors and cooking experts provides a power found nowhere else on the internet and makes the brand an indispensable resource for business owners. Kitchens for all levels.

If you own an Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant device, you’ll find our recipes easy to find via voice search. Apple and Android users can access their favorite recipes and find dinner inspiration through our Easy Recipe Ideas app.

Most importantly, we are:
Friendship We love exchanging ideas and getting together with friends who cook at home.

Accessibility We don’t judge: all cooking levels and recipes are welcome.
Fact We love good food. It doesn’t have to be fancy to be cool.
Fun Like you, we enjoy friends, family, cooking and laughing.

Meet the Leadership Team Marketing

JONES- Marketing Manager


JONES- Marketing Manager
JONES- Marketing Manager